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hello! this blog thing is basicly a lot of stupid shit that i draw and questions that i answer! feel free to ask me stuff im pretty chill about answering.

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There is a horse on the press box, i repeat their is a horse on the press box.
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There is a horse on the press box, i repeat their is a horse on the press box.
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I have never seen something that more accurately describes how I’m feeling right now

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twitter is a magical place
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u cheated u fucken weed plant
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If someone says “I love u” and you say “I love u 2” back, make sure you add “no Bono” so they know you mean that you love them too, not just the legendary Irish rock band U2

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A perfect representation of myself today.
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Because I am a nerd and I like to pay attention to details in the animation, framing and expressions.
So the color palettes in both episodes are not very different. The mood is gloomy and dark, but I noticed a difference in the EXPRESSIONS. In the top left frame, you are looking from Ed’s perspective. You see Al’s back and Scar’s face and hand showing through, and then you see the horror on Ed’s face. Notice how they focused very closely on Ed’s eyes, eyebrows and mouth, because they say everything about what’s he’s feeling, especially in that third frame. They did expressions so so well asfgflk;. 
Now in the lower left panel, you as the viewer get a clear view of that gaping hole in Al’s side but you’re not watching through anyone’s eyes, and then you see Ed’s dumbfounded expression because he wasn’t actually looking head on. And then when he realizes what happened he grabs a freaking sword comes at Scar in a rage. 
I noticed that in the first sequence (you also gotta take the voice acting into cons), Ed is not only surprised or horrified. He’s also for a moment devastated, because he was actually watching, and may have believed his brother’s seal just exploded to bits in front of him. The look in his eyes calmed a little only after Al spoke and he realized he was still alive. In the second sequence, Ed’s response starts as pure rage (perhaps he realized quickly that the destruction was not close enough to Al’s seal? Perhaps he intentionally pushed the thought aside?), then became fear for Al when he himself was incapitated by Scar and realized he couldn’t save him alone. 
Please feel free to join the nerdiness if you wish asdfghjkl

Damn. What an awesome comparison. In the 2003 series, Edward looks absolutely horrified and worried, he wasn’t sane enough to realize anything, he was so scared that his lil’ bro was killed. But when you look at the 2009 series, he looks just… damnly calm. I mean, his lil’ bro was broken right in front of his face, he must be horrified, but he is just like “Oh, the destruction wasn’t close enough to Al’s seal, there is nothing to worry, let’s beat that bastard ~ ” Like that wasn’t a big deal. Shit, what have you done to Edward’s expressions, 2009 Bones??
I’m sorry the 2009 series, but I’m losing more and more my likeness on you. This show perfectly how I should prefer the 2003 series.
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This is a legit tweet from Nintendo of Europe oh my god
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tumblr during autumn, more like


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